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  • Gallon for gallon, a 2006 gas lawn mower contributes 93 times more smog forming emissions than a 2006 car
    (California Air Resources Board)

  • Most gas lawn mowers
    create enough noise to
    cause hearing damage

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What We Do…

We create, nurture and maintain beautiful healthy lawns and gardens in the Santa Barbara area.
We are committed to doing our part to create clean and sustainable environments within our community.
We use clean, quiet, electric equipment powered by solar energy.

“The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses”.
~Hanna Rion
lawn care

Lawn Care

A program using a sustainable horticulture approach is more successful because the techniques and materials involved are simplified and work to complement each other. The transition to a lasting healthy lawn can be sped up by incorporating as many sustainable protocols as possible.

Water Wise

A water conserving irrigation system begins with an understanding of your irrigation products and system design. Lawns and landscaping should be watered in the early morning to avoid high evaporation. Irrigation controllers should be operated manually on a regular basis to observe the system and detect malfunctions and leaks.

water wise


A successful sustainable gardening program is built by incorporating various practices and ideas that encourage as much compatibility among diverse organisms as possible.